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What is a Dental emergency exam?

A dental emergency exam includes a detailed history of the tooth/teeth that are causing you pain or swelling.  We can’t see below the gums so we usually need to take an X-ray or several X-rays to determine if there is an infection, and which teeth are involved in the infection.  We will then discuss treatment plan options.

Common ailments found during a comprehensive dental exam

Your oral health is part of your overall health.  When your mouth is healthy, you can eat, speak and smile in comfort and with confidence which helps to keep you physically, mentally, and socially active.  A healthy mouth helps you enjoy life.  Your dentist is your health partner.  As with other diseases,  prevention, early detection, and treatment of oral diseases are important to stop any negative effects on the rest of your body.  During a comprehensive dental exam, we will verify that your gums, teeth, and soft tissues are healthy.  The exams also help us to identify the areas that are not healthy – cavities, broken down fillings, decay under crowns and bridges, worn down teeth, chipped and broken down teeth and restorations, TMJ problems, abnormalities in the soft tissues, periodontal disease, and signs and symptoms of sleep disorders.