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Teeth Whitening

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Why Teeth Whitening?

Whitening has become one of the fastest and easiest ways to improve your smile.  There are so many ways to brighten your smile.  The best way to start is with a consultation with a dental professional.  We need to determine the cause of the discoloration and what are your whitening expectations.  We can then come up with a treatment plan that will have the most predictably successful outcome.

Methods we use to whiten teeth?

We provide Opalescence PF take-home whitening gel for over 27 years at Mehan Dental because this product really works.  It is also very easy to use and patients will often make comments such as, “It’s easy peasy” and are thrilled with the results.  And, as is often the case, wish they had done it sooner.  Please click here to go to our smile gallery and see before & after images of tooth whitening using the Opalescence PF take-home whitening gel.  The trays are custom made so they will work for everyone.  It doesn’t matter if your teeth are slightly overlapped or extremely crowded, the custom tray will fit over each tooth like a glove.
There are 4 different concentrations for the whitening agent so you have the option of using it for as little as 30 minutes a day to overnight. This system is so versatile, that our patients that use an oral appliance, CPAP machine, or a nightguard can still whiten because they can choose the daytime option.  The results are equally great whether you use it at night or during the day.  This product has potassium nitrate which is a very effective desensitizer and fluoride and it contains 20% water to prevent dehydration of your teeth which also helps to prevent sensitivity. For patients who are missing teeth, the custom trays will allow us to make trays that conform to your mouth.  This product is safe, it works, it has a long clinical history, and consistently wins awards for its safety and effectiveness.  Having a brighter smile can boost your confidence and it’s a very easy and simple way to improve your smile.

The benefits of in-office whitening versus over-the-counter teeth whitening products

There are many over-the-counter teeth whitening products and many of them will lighten your teeth but the issue is that there is no supervision and many of these products cause significant sensitivity of your teeth.  Also, the whitening results are usually better if you have had your teeth cleaned first.  It is also really important to check for cavities or other issues before whitening.  Getting your teeth whitened by your dentist means that it is being done under supervision which makes the whole process safer, more predictable, and long-lasting.  I would compare whitening without supervision to having personal training sessions without a personal trainer

What causes stained teeth?

Teeth erupt naturally bright and white unless we are exposed to antibiotics, have dental trauma during our infancy or childbirth, or have serious illness during tooth formation.  Antibiotic staining such as Tetracycline takes place during the development of the teeth and is generally seen as dark yellow, brown, or even grey branding over similar areas of teeth.
Over time, our daily habits affect our teeth and they become dull and yellow.

Circumstances that affect the shade and brightness of our teeth:

  • Foods and drinks that stain such as coffee, tea, red wine, soy sauce, curry and berries
  • Extremely hot or cold foods or liquids which cause our teeth to expand and contract allowing stain to penetrate the enamel.
  • Acidic foods that open up the pores in our enamel and allow stains to move easily into our teeth.
  • Thinning enamel due to age.
  • Tobacco which stains our teeth yellow and dark.

Our office has a number of ways to eliminate staining and put a brilliant white smile back on your face.  Call us today to discuss which method would be best for you.

Take-Home Custom Trays

We take impressions of your teeth and then create customized trays that fit your mouth, perfectly and comfortably. Once your trays are created, we will give you complete instructions verbally and in writing as to how to use the kit. We will then send you home with your custom fitted trays and the whitening kit. The kit has gels contained in syringes that have a powerful whitening formulation that you dispense into your tray and place on your teeth before bed to whiten while you sleep. If you
prefer the daytime formulation, the trays only need to be in your mouth for 30 minutes/day.

Opalescent GO Teeth Whitening

Alternatives To Whitening

If whitening has not solved your tooth discolouration issues, we will then need to discuss less conservative options such as Dental Crowns and Dental Veneers.  A crown is a porcelain cap that fits over your tooth. The shade of the porcelain is made to match your existing natural teeth so that it will be almost impossible to know which teeth in your smile are natural enamel and which are covered with porcelain.

Veneers are very thin restorations used to correct misshapen and discoloured teeth.  They can be as thin as contact lens. Veneers are made of porcelain or composite resin.  Veneers are also a great solution to closing gaps between your front teeth and to cover permanently stained or darkened teeth that do not respond to whitening.

Veneers and Crowns require two appointments: 1 to prepare the tooth and take records for the lab and a second approximately 10 days later to bond the veneer or crown in place.  Usually a nightguard is recommended after veneer placement to protect the new restorations from chipping and breaking due to night timel grinding and clenching habits.
Veneers as with all restorations will eventually need to be replaced due to chipping, breakage or debonding.  The longevity of this type of restoration is dependent on you!  Avoid and limit carbonated and acidic beverages and foods.  Do  not bite on your nails, wear your nightguard!  If you can follow these simple care instructions – your veneer could last you 20 years or more!

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