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Teeth Cleaning

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What to expect during teeth cleaning visit

A tooth cleaning visit is also called your hygiene appointment, dental recare, dental check-up, or cleaning visit.  This includes a check of all of the soft and hard tissues of your mouth.  We want to check to see that your soft tissues are healthy, check for cavities, and check the integrity of the existing restorations.  We clean the debris, plaque, and tartar around your teeth and finish off with a polish.  We will also take check-up X-rays as we feel is necessary.   This visit is also an opportunity for you to discuss any sleep concerns that you may have to see if you should get a sleep study done to rule out a sleep disorder.

Benefits of teeth cleaning?

Getting your teeth cleaned is generally a very enjoyable experience.  Technically this refers to cleaning all of the tooth surfaces above the gum line.  We are cleaning the sticky biofilm and bacteria that have accumulated on your teeth.  The benefits of regular teeth cleaning by your dentist are that it will keep your teeth and gums healthy and can help to prevent gum recession, cavities, tooth loss, and bad breath.

How to care for teeth in between cleanings

Whole mouth cleaning – ideally, brush twice a day, floss at night after brushing, rinse thoroughly then rinse with a mouthwash.  We recommend Listerine for 30 seconds and spit it out.  Brushing cleans the smooth surface of your teeth, flossing cleans the in-between surfaces of your teeth and the mouthwash cleans all of the soft tissues of your mouth.